How Much Money Are You Spending on Streaming? The Answer May Shock You

By: The BitMar Team

Nothing beats streaming—not Cable TV, not Satellite TV, not anything else. In fact, even with recent pricing hikes, coming from several streaming providers, streaming still beats every other form of Television, regarding price, convenience, and value. Does that mean that you are saving money? It depends:

When compared to all other forms of Television, streaming always wins the price, and value, wars. However, a completely different story emerges, when streaming providers are pinned, against one another. The short answer, is: You are, most likely, wasting money.

How are you wasting money?

The first thing to take into consideration, is: the fact that you may be completely unaware of the total price that your streaming services are costing you. Most people focus on the lower, monthly numbers, on such costs. Instead, you have to assess such expenses, on a yearly-basis. That is when those streaming bills show their true colors.

As per the time that this post was written... the following are your yearly streaming rates, for some of the most popular streaming providers, depending on your service tier/s:


$83.88 - $239.88


Disney Plus

$95.88 - $239.88


Hulu/Hulu + Live TV

$95.88 - $839.88(not a typo)



$119.88 - $179.88


Paramount Plus

$59.88 - $179.88


Amazon Prime Video/Music

$83.88 - $179.88


Apple Music/TV+/One

$59.88 - $395.40


Pandora Plus/Premium

$59.88 - $179.88


Spotify Premium

$59.88 - $191.88


Cable/Satellite TV

~$180 - $1,800(not a typo)


(Last updated: Q4-22)

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