Streaming vs. Cable/Satellite: Which is More Convenient?

By: The BitMar Team

Streaming has been the talk of the town, for a few years—and for a good reason. With more, and more people making the switch – from Cable and Satellite TV, to online streaming services – it is time to take a closer look at the benefits that streaming has to offer. In this article, we will compare the traditional methods of watching TV (Cable/Satellite) with streaming; and explore how streaming comes out on top—in almost every way.


According to data, from: Streaming Observer... one of the biggest advantages of streaming, is: its cost-effectiveness. The average Cable (or Satellite) TV bill can easily run up to $100, or more, per month; while many of the popular streaming services cost only $10, or less, per month. Moreover, with Cable/Satellite, you are often paying for hundreds of channels that you never watch.

Flexibility, and Convenience:

Another advantage of streaming, is: the flexibility, and convenience, that it offers. With streaming, you can watch your favorite shows, and movies, from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection. So... whether you are at home, on your couch, at a friend’s place, or on vacation, you can continue watching your favorite content, without any interruptions. With Cable/Satellite TV, you are usually limited to watching TV on your TV set—without the ability of 'taking it with you,' when you travel.

No Contracts:

Another advantage of streaming, is: the absence of long-term contracts. With Cable/Satellite TV, you are often locked into a contract for a year, or more. Additionally, you will most likely have to pay a cancellation fee, to cancel the service. With streaming, there are no contracts; and you can cancel at any time, without any penalties.

Less/No Ads:

Many streaming services offer ad-free options, where you can watch your favorite shows, and movies, without any interruptions. With Cable/Satellite TV, you are often bombarded with advertisements—and there are no ways to avoid them.

A Wide Selection of Content:

Streaming services offer a wide selection of content, including: popular TV shows, movies, and even original content produced by the streaming services. With Cable/Satellite TV, you are often limited to the channels to which you subscribe; and you may not always have access to the content that you want to watch.

In conclusion: Streaming is a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient way to watch TV. With a wide selection of content, and no contracts, it is easy to see why so many people are making the switch—from Cable and Satellite TV, to online streaming services. Whether you are a casual viewer, or a TV buff, streaming is an excellent option for anyone looking to enjoy their favorite shows, and movies, without the hassle and expense of traditional TV.

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