Can Streaming Help to Control Hunger?

By: The BitMar Team.

In today's digital age, many people spend hours, each day, streaming video content online. Whether it is a TV show, movie, or a documentary, streaming has become a popular form of entertainment, and escapism, for millions of people, worldwide. Could streaming also have an unexpected benefit? Can it help in controlling hunger? Let us explore this question, and examine what the research says.

According to Dr. Eileen Kennedy, a nutrition professor, at Tufts University: "Engaging in a preferred activity that doesn't involve food, such as reading, watching TV, or spending time on the computer, can distract you from the urge to eat." In other words: according to Dr. Kennedy, we may be less likely to think about food, or feel the need to snack, when we are engrossed in a show, or movie.

In accordance with Dr. Kennedy's findings... a study, published in the journal: Appetite, found: that participants who were distracted, by a non-food-related task, consumed significantly fewer calories than those who were not distracted. This suggests that engaging in an enjoyable activity – such, as: streaming – could help to reduce the likelihood of overeating, and/or snacking on unhealthy foods.

Additionally, other research suggests that the type of content that we stream could impact our appetite. Another study, published in the journal: Frontiers in Psychology, found: that watching a suspenseful movie increased its participants' cortisol levels; a stress hormone that can suppress appetite. This could explain why some people may experience a decrease in appetite while streaming content that is emotionally engaging, or suspenseful.

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