How Can the Shows, and Movies, That We Watch Shape Our Thinking?

By: The BitMar Team.

Movies, and TV, shows have always been a powerful tool for storytelling, and entertainment. However, they also have the ability to shape our thoughts, opinions, and attitudes, toward different issues. Whether we are conscious of it, or not, the media we consume can have a significant impact on the way in which we view the World.

The power of storytelling – through movies, and TV shows – lies in the ability to create a connection between the audience, and the characters on the screen. According to a study, published in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology, this connection can influence our attitudes, and beliefs, toward different issues. For example: If we see a character who is presented as a hero – despite committing violent acts – we may begin to view violence as an acceptable means of achieving one's goals. Alternatively, if we see a character who stands up against injustice, we may be inspired to become more socially-conscious.

Movies, and TV shows, can also influence the way in which we view ourselves, and our identities. According to a report, by Common Sense Media, the representation of different identities, in media, can have a profound impact on how we view ourselves, and others. For example: If we see positive representations, of our particular race or gender, we may develop a more positive self-image, and feel more empowered to take on leadership roles.

The media that we consume can also shape our opinions on social, and political, issues. Another study, published in The Journal of Communication, found: that exposure to political content, through TV shows, and movies, can affect our political attitudes, and behaviors. For example: Watching a TV show that portrays a particular political party, or issue, in a positive light, can influence our support for that party, and/or issue.

Finally: Movies, and TV shows, can also have an impact on our emotions, and mental health. According to a report, by The American Psychological Association, exposure to violent media can increase feelings of aggression, and decrease feelings of empathy, in viewers. On the other hand, watching positive and uplifting content can have a positive impact on our mental health, and well-being.

In conclusion: The shows, and movies, that we watch can have a profound impact on the way in which we think, feel, and behave. From shaping our attitudes toward different issues, to influencing our self-image, and political beliefs... the media that we consume can play a significant role in shaping our worldview. As such, it is important to be mindful of the messages, and values, conveyed by the shows, and movies, that we watch. We must seek out diverse, and thought-provoking, content; that challenges us to grow, and learn.

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