How Does Streaming Benefit Low-income Families?

By: The BitMar Team

Streaming services have become increasingly popular, in recent years; with many people opting to watch their favorite movies, and TV shows, online—instead of on traditional Television. While streaming is often seen as a luxury, it can provide many benefits to low-income families and individuals.

As of 2021, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines the poverty guideline, for a family of four, as: an annual income of $26,500, or below. In this article, we will explore how streaming can benefit low-income families and individuals.


Affordability is one of the most significant benefits of streaming. Low-income families and individuals often struggle to afford Cable, or Satellite TV—which can be expensive. In contrast, most streaming services offer a variety of movies, and TV shows, for a low monthly subscription fee. This makes it possible for low-income families and individuals to access high-quality entertainment, at an affordable price.


Flexibility is another benefit of streaming. Traditional Television programming follows a set schedule—which can be inconvenient, for low-income families and individuals; who have irregular work schedules, and/or other obligations. On the other hand, streaming services allow users to watch content, at their pace, and on their schedule. This means: that low-income families and individuals can fit entertainment into their busy lives, without having to worry about missing their favorite movies, and shows.


Streaming services also offer greater content accessibility; than traditional Television. Many low-income families and individuals do not have access to Cable, nor Satellite TV—either: because they cannot afford it, and/or because it may not be available in their area. Streaming services, however, only require an Internet connection—which is more widely available; and often less expensive than Cable, or Satellite TV. This means: that low-income families and individuals – who may not have been able to access traditional Television programming – now, have access to high-quality entertainment.


Finally, streaming services offer a much greater variety of content; than traditional Television. Cable, and Satellite TV, often have limited channel packages; based on pricing. This means: that low-income families and individuals may not always be able to access the TV shows, and movies, that they may want to watch. Unlike Cable, and Satellite TV, streaming services offer a wide variety of content, from different genres, and countries. This translates, to: more entertainment options, for low-income people.

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