How to Maximize Your Streaming Subscription: Tips, and Tricks

By: The BitMar Team

Streaming services have become an ubiquitous part of our daily entertainment routine—with options, ranging: from Netflix, to Disney+, to HBO Max. While these services offer an impressive selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries, it can be overwhelming to navigate the vast array of content available. In this article, we will provide some tips, and tricks, on how to maximize your streaming subscription; to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Creating personalized playlists is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your streaming subscriptions. Most streaming services allow you to create lists of your favorite movies, and shows. This makes finding, and re-watching, your favorites much easier. According to a survey, by Deloitte, nearly half of all streaming subscribers use playlists, to organize their content—making it a popular, and effective, way to maximize the value of a subscription.

Using genre, and mood, filters is another way to discover new content that match your interests. Most streaming services allow you to filter, by categories – such, as: "comedy," "drama," and "horror," while some even offer filters based on mood – such, as: "uplifting," or "romantic." You can quickly, and easily, find content that matches your current mood, and/or preferences, by using these filters.

There are a few tricks that you can try, if you are looking to save money on streaming subscriptions. One option, is: to share your account with friends, and/or family members. Many streaming services allow you to create multiple profiles, under one account. This means: that you can share the subscription with others, without having to pay for additional accounts. However, it is important to note: that some services have limits on the number of simultaneous streams allowed, per account. Additionally, as we have previously reported, you should only do this with people with whom you live.

Taking advantage of streaming services' free trials, and promotional deals, is another way in which you can save money. Many streaming services offer free trials, to new subscribers. This allows you to test out the service – before comitting to subscribing – and see if it is worth the investment. Some services offer promotional deals—such, as: a reduced subscription fee. By keeping an eye out for these deals, you can save money, while still enjoying all of the benefits of a streaming subscription.

Finally, it is worth exploring some of the lesser-known streaming services that offer unique content. While services like Netflix, and Amazon Prime, offer a vast selection of movies, and shows, smaller services – like: Shudder (which specializes in horror content), and Mubi (which focuses on indie, and art-house films) – offer a highly-curated selection of content, that may be of interest to cinephiles. You can discover hidden gems, and expand your cinematic horizons, by exploring these niche services.

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