The Future of Streaming: How A.I., and Machine Learning, Will Shape the Industry

By: The BitMar Team.

Streaming has come a long way, since its inception. With the rise of A.I., and machine learning, the future of the industry looks even more exciting. From personalized recommendations, to optimizing infrastructure—let us take a closer look at how these technologies will shape the streaming industry, in the years to come.

Personalization through A.I.:

One of the most exciting prospects for the future of streaming, is: the ability to personalize the viewing experience for each viewer. A.I. can analyze viewing habits and preferences, to recommend content that is tailored to each individual. For example: Netflix uses machine learning algorithms, to suggest new shows; based on a users' viewing history, and ratings.

According to a report, by MarketsandMarkets, the global A.I., in media and entertainment market, is expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2025; driven by the need to provide personalized content to consumers.

Infrastructure Optimization with Machine Learning:

In addition to personalized recommendations, machine learning can also be used to optimize streaming infrastructure. By analyzing data on network traffic and user behavior, machine learning algorithms can predict when, and where, demand will be highest; and adjust resources, accordingly, to prevent buffering, and ensure high-quality video delivery.

According to a report, by Frost and Sullivan, machine learning can reduce the amount of time required to resolve streaming issues, by up to 90%—which could save streaming providers billions of dollars, annually.

Improved Content Discovery:

A.I.-powered recommendation engines are not only improving personalization, but also content discovery. By analyzing vast amounts of data, recommendation engines can suggest content that viewers may not have found otherwise. This can lead to increased engagement, and retention.

For example: YouTube's recommendation engine is responsible for over 70% of the time that users spend on the platform—according to a report, by the Pew Research Center.

Ethical Considerations:

According to a report, by Deloitte, 56% of executives believe that A.I.'s potential bias is a major concern for their organizations, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues proactively.

The Future of Streaming:

The future of streaming looks brighter than ever, with the integration of A.I. and machine learning. From personalized recommendations, to optimized infrastructure, the possibilities are endless. It is important for companies to stay ahead of the curve, and embrace these technologies responsibly.

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