The Most Used Streaming Services: Top Ten Streaming Services, Ranked

By: The BitMar Team.

The streaming industry has exploded, during the recent years; with more people turning to streaming services, to watch their favorite shows, and movies. With the rise of streaming, there has also been an increase in the amount of time that people spend, watching content online. This begs the question: which streaming services have the most streamed hours, per month?

According to data – from: Nielsen – Netflix remains the undisputed king of streaming, as of September 2021; with users, in the United States, watching an average of over 1.2 billion hours of content, on the platform, each month. That is more than double of the number of hours watched on the next closest service: YouTube—which came in at just under 600 million hours, per month.

As of September 2021, the following streaming services were reported to have the most streamed hours, per month, in the United States:

1. Netflix
2. YouTube
3. Amazon Prime Video
4. Hulu
5. Disney+
6. Twitch
7. HBO Max
8. Peacock
9. Discovery+
10. Paramount+

It is important to note: that these numbers may have changed, since then; and may vary, by country. Additionally, the streaming services may not always disclose their exact streaming numbers. Therefore, these rankings are based on available data, and estimates.

While Netflix may be the clear leader in streaming, there are a number of other, popular platforms; offering a variety of content to viewers. Whether you prefer original series, classic movies, TV shows, or live events, there is likely a streaming service that will meet your needs.

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