What is a Mesh Router System? ...And, Why Are They Better for Streaming?

By: The BitMar Team.

In the era of smart homes, and connected devices, reliable Internet connectivity has become more critical than ever. Whether it is streaming a movie, playing a game, or browsing the Web, we depend on fast and stable Internet access, for almost everything that we do online. That is where a mesh router system comes into the picture. In this article, we will explain what a mesh router system is, and why it is better for streaming.

What is a Mesh Router System?

In accordance with the Wi-Fi Alliance, IEEE, and Thread Group... a mesh router system is a type of wireless networking technology that is designed to provide high-speed Internet access throughout your home. Unlike traditional routers – which rely on a single access point to transmit signals – mesh routers use multiple access points, to create a mesh network. This network provides better coverage, and eliminates dead zones, while ensuring that you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal, in every corner of your home.

Mesh routers consist of a primary router – which connects directly to your modem – and one, or more, "satellite" nodes – which are placed strategically, around your home. The nodes communicate with each other, to create a seamless wireless network, while they all share the same network name, and password. This means: that you can move – from one room, to another – without losing your connection, nor having to switch networks, manually.

Why Are Mesh Router Systems Better, for Streaming?

One of the main advantages of a mesh router system, is: that it provides better performance, while streaming video, and audio content. Here are some reasons, why:

1. Improved Coverage:

With a mesh router system, you can eliminate dead zones, and weak signal areas, in your home. This means: that you can stream your favorite shows, or movies, from anywhere in your home; without any interruptions, nor buffering.

2. Increased Bandwidth:

Mesh routers use multiple access points, to distribute traffic evenly, across the network. This means: that you can stream multiple videos, simultaneously, without any degradation in quality.

3. Intelligent Routing:

Mesh routers use intelligent routing algorithms, to direct traffic to the fastest, and most reliable, access point. This ensures that you always have the best possible connection, for streaming.

4. Seamless Roaming:

With a mesh router system, you can move – from one room, to another – without any interruptions, nor drops in connection. This is because your device will automatically switch, to the access point with the strongest signal, ensuring that you always have a seamless streaming experience.

5. Easy Set-Up:

Mesh routers are easy to set up, and manage. Most manufacturers provide intuitive apps, that allow you to manage your network, customize settings, and troubleshoot issues; quickly.


A mesh router system is an excellent solution, for anyone looking to improve their home Wi-Fi coverage, and performance. With a mesh router system, you can enjoy faster speeds, better coverage, and seamless streaming; without any interruptions, nor buffering. If you are tired of dealing with dead zones, and slow speeds, it is time to consider a mesh router system.

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