How A.I. is Being Used to Remove Ads From Streaming Content

By: The BitMar Team

In today's digital world, streaming content has become an essential part of our entertainment routine. From watching movies and TV shows, to listening to music, streaming platforms have made it easier than ever to access a vast array of content on-demand. However, as the popularity of streaming services continues to grow, so does the number of ads that accompany them. Fortunately, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has led to the development of tools and techniques to remove ads from streaming content.

According to a report, by: Business Insider, several companies have been working on developing A.I.-based solutions to remove ads from streaming content. One such company, is: Eko; which has developed an A.I.-powered technology, called: "Adaptive Video," that can automatically detect, and remove, ads from streaming content. The technology uses machine-learning algorithms, to identify and analyze the different elements of a video – including: the content, and its ads – while removing them, seamlessly.

Another company working on developing A.I.-based solutions, to remove ads from streaming content, is: Valossa. The Finnish company has developed an A.I.-powered platform that uses deep-learning algorithms, to identify and analyze videos, and its different elements, including: its ads. The platform can, then, automatically remove the ads from the video, resulting in a seamless and ad-free viewing experience.

In addition to removing ads from streaming content, A.I. is also being used to personalize ads. A report, by: Forbes, states that streaming companies are now using A.I. algorithms, to analyze viewer data, and create personalized ads that are more relevant to the viewer's interests. By analyzing viewer data – such, as: viewing history, search queries, and watch time – these companies can create ads that are more likely to resonate with the viewer, resulting in a better ad experience.

A.I. is also being used to measure the effectiveness of ads on streaming platforms. According to a report, by: AdWeek, companies – like: Nielsen, and Inscape – are using A.I. algorithms to analyze viewer data, and to measure the effectiveness of ads on streaming platforms. These algorithms analyze viewer behavior – such, as: how long they watch an ad, or if they skip it – to determine the ad's effectiveness. This information can, then, be used to improve future ad campaigns, and to make them more effective.

In conclusion, A.I. is rapidly changing the streaming industry, as it is being used to remove ads from streaming content, personalize ads, and measure the effectiveness of ads. As technology continues advancing, we can expect to see more A.I.-based solutions in the streaming industry, in the future. Whether it is removing ads, seamlessly; and/or creating more personalized ad experiences, A.I. is sure to play a significant role in the future of streaming.

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