Use Your Smartphone, on Your TV; Instead of Your Streaming Stick/Player/Box

By: The BitMar Team

Image Source: Bing Image Creator

Streaming sticks, and boxes, have become a popular way to watch movies, TV shows, and other content, on your TV. While most people know that... did you know that you can also use your smartphone, to stream content to your TV? This is a great way to save money, on streaming subscriptions. It can also be more convenient.

Here are the steps, on how to replace your streaming stick/box, with your phone:

1. Check if your phone is compatible. Not all smartphones are compatible with screen mirroring. To check if your phone is compatible, you can search for its model number, and the words: "screen mirroring," on any search engine.

2. Turn on screen mirroring, on your phone. Once you have confirmed that your phone is compatible, you need to turn on screen mirroring. The steps for doing this will vary, depending on your phone's model.

3. Connect your phone to your TV. Once you have turned on screen mirroring, on your phone, you will need to connect it to your TV. To do this, you will need to use an HDMI cable, or a wireless adapter.

4. Mirror your phone's screen, to your TV. Once your phone is connected to your TV, you should see its screen "mirrored" on your TV. You can now use your phone; to control playback, and volume.

Benefits of using your phone, as a streaming device:

There are several benefits to using your phone, as a streaming device. Here are a few:

- Save money: You can save money; by canceling your streaming subscriptions, and using your phone to stream content from free sources—such, as: YouTube, and Twitch.

- More convenient: You can use your phone; to stream content, from anywhere in your house. This is great, if you want to watch a movie in bed, or in the patio.

- More private: Since you would only be openly-sharing the specific content that may be playing, at the moment—instead of your entire library of "Favorites" content... while using your phone, to stream content, you will enjoy much greater privacy. This is especially the case, if you automatically lock your phone, with a password/pin. The same concept will apply to anyone else, within the same household.

- Better quality: If you have a high-quality phone, you can stream content, in high definition. This will most likely give you a better viewing experience; than if you were using a streaming stick, or box.


Using your phone as a streaming device, is: more convenient, a great way to save money, and the best way to ensure a better viewing experience. If you are seeking a more convenient, and private way to stream content, to your TV, consider using your phone—instead of a streaming stick, or box.

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