Rewind, and Laugh: Will Streaming Services Offer Classic Commercials, for a New Audience?

By: The BitMar Team.

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Do you remember the Furbys, that would not stop talking? ...or... the addictive jingle of the "Slap Chop"? These iconic (or, infamous) commercials, from the past, evoke a wave of nostalgia; to Millennials, and Gen Z. What if these ads were not relegated to dusty VHS tapes, and/or blurry YouTube uploads? As nostalgia continues to be a driving force, in the entertainment industry, a curious trend may emerge: streaming services, offering curated channels that are dedicated to classic commercials, and infomercials—transforming them, into ironic entertainment; for a new generation.

Nostalgia Reigns Supreme: Reliving the Past, Through Entertainment

A 2023 study – by: the NPD Group; a market research firm – explores the concept of "comfort viewing"—the tendency of revisiting familiar movies, TV shows, and music, from one's youth. The study found, that: seventy percent (70%) of Millennials, and Gen Z, viewers report engaging in comfort viewing; highlighting their desire to revisit content that is associated with positive memories. Classic commercials – while not traditionally considered entertainment – can tap into this same desire for familiarity, and nostalgia.

Beyond Cringe: Reframing the Past, with a Modern Lens

Classic commercials – often viewed, as: cheesy, and/or over-the-top, by today's standards – can be a source of amusement, for a new generation. A 2022 article, in The Atlantic, explores the rise of "meme-ification" of old commercials – wherein viewers take clips, and repurpose them; for humor – on Social Media platforms. Streaming services could capitalize, on this trend; by curating channels that celebrate the absurdity of these ads—adding humorous commentary, and/or behind-the-scenes insights.

A Window, into the Past: A Glimpse, into Social History

Classic commercials can – also – offer a window, into the social history; and cultural touchstones of their era. A 2021 Smithsonian Magazine article highlights how advertising archives can be used; to understand: past trends, consumer habits, and societal values. By showcasing fashion trends, popular music, and societal attitudes; reflected in these ads... streaming services could create a platform; for viewers to explore the past, in a light – and engaging – way.

Building Community, Through Shared Memories

Curated channels, featuring classic commercials, could – also – foster a sense of community. Viewers could share memories, and reactions to these ads, on Social Media platforms—sparking conversations; about bygone eras, and trends. This interactive element could further-enhance the appeal of these channels, and create a unique viewing experience.

The Verdict: A Niche, with Potential

Whether curated channels – that feature classic commercials – become a mainstream offering, on streaming services... remains to be seen. However; the undeniable power of nostalgia; the potential for humorous, and informative content; and the opportunity, to explore social history – all – make this a trend worth watching. For Millennials, and Gen Z... these channels could offer a chance, to: laugh at the past; learn, about a different era; and to connect, with others, through shared memories.

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