Back to the Future of Rentals: Will Streaming Services Offer Pay-Per-View Options?

By: The BitMar Team.

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For many, the rise of streaming services has replaced the once-dominant video rental store. While convenient, subscribing to multiple streaming platforms can quickly become expensive. Could a return to à la carte rentals be on the horizon? The concept of "rental tiers" – offering viewers the ability to pay a one-time fee, to access a specific movie, or show, for a limited time – may be making a comeback. This approach could cater to viewers who prefer a pay-per-view model, and – only – want to watch specific content; potentially, offering a more-budget-friendly alternative to subscriptions.

The Rise of Subscription Fatigue

A 2023 study – by: Deloitte – reveals a growing trend of "subscription fatigue," among consumers. With an increasing number of streaming services, vying for viewer attention, managing multiple subscriptions can become overwhelming; and costly. Rental tiers would offer viewers more control over their spending; allowing them to access desired content, without committing to a full subscription.

A Familiar Format: À La Carte Viewing, in a Digital Age

Imagine: a streaming service, offering a rental tier; wherein viewers can browse a library of movies, and shows—similar to a digital video store. By paying a one-time fee... viewers could gain access, to the chosen content, for a predetermined period; allowing them to watch, at their convenience. This approach would be familiar to those who frequented video rental stores, in the past; offering a sense of nostalgia, while catering to viewers who prefer a pay-per-view model.

A Niche, or a New, Standard? The Future of Rentals

It is not clear... if rental tiers may ever become a mainstream offering, once again, for streaming services; as Netflix once did, with the DVD. However; they represent a potential solution, for viewers experiencing subscription fatigue; and a way for streaming services to cater to more viewing preferences. A future, wherein viewers can choose – between: subscriptions, rental tiers, and/or micro-transaction options – could provide greater flexibility; and cater to a wider audience.

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