Hollywood Goes Free: Will Studios Launch Proprietary AVOD Platforms?

By: The BitMar Team.

Image Source: Bing Image Creator.

The rise of ad-supported streaming services (AVOD) has redefined how viewers access content. Free, ad-supported, tiers are gaining popularity; offering a vast library of movies, and TV shows, without a subscription fee. Could this trend lead to a major shift, in the streaming landscape? Will major studios explore launching proprietary AVOD platforms? ...potentially; offering exclusive content, and disrupting the existing streaming service model?

The Power of Free: The AVOD Boom

A 2023 report – by: eMarketer – projects, that: the global AVOD audience will reach two billion viewers, by: 2025. This explosive growth suggests a growing comfort with advertisement-supported content, in exchange for free access. Studios may see AVOD platforms as a way to monetize their content libraries; while reaching new audiences, who may be hesitant to commit to multiple paid subscriptions.

Exclusive Content: A Differentiator, in a Crowded Market

The current streaming landscape is saturated, with various subscription services—each, offering a specific library of content. Studios – launching their AVOD platforms – could differentiate themselves, by: offering exclusive content—movies, and TV shows, not available elsewhere. This exclusive content could include: back-catalogue titles, original productions, and/or early access to theatrical releases.

Disruption, and Collaboration: A Reshaped Streaming Ecosystem

The potential entry of major studios, into the AVOD market, could disrupt the existing streaming service landscape. Subscription services may need to re-evaluate their content offerings, and pricing models; in order to compete with free, ad-supported, platforms boasting exclusive content. Alternatively; studios, and existing streaming services, may explore collaboration opportunities – with studios licensing their content, to AVOD platforms – for a wider reach, while maintaining control over distribution.

The Future of Streaming: A Multi-Faceted Marketplace

The future of streaming may involve a more-varied marketplace. Free, ad-supported, tiers could coexist, alongside traditional subscription services—each, catering to different viewer preferences. Studios launching proprietary AVOD platforms, with exclusive content, could further-reshape the streaming landscape. Ultimately; viewers may benefit from a wider range of options with greater control over how they access, and pay for, the content that they so much enjoy.

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