Choice Overload: Will Curated Streaming Bundles Make a Comeback?

By: The BitMar Team.

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The streaming landscape is overflowing with options. With cord-cutting on the rise, and niche streaming services, proliferating... viewers face a paradox of choice; and too many options can lead to decision fatigue, and dissatisfaction. Could curated content bundles – offering a smaller selection of high-quality channels, at a lower price point – be the answer? This approach could cater to viewers that may be overwhelmed, by: too many choices; and seeking a more-cost-effective way to access their favorite content.

From Bundles, to Buffet: The Rise of Streaming Services

The cord-cutting movement was driven, in part, by a desire to escape the high cost of traditional cable packages. However; the explosion of streaming services has created a new challenge: subscription fatigue. A 2023 study – by: Deloitte – found, that: sixty-two percent (62%) of viewers subscribe to more than two streaming services; and twenty-eight percent (28%) subscribe to four, or more. Curated bundles – offering a pre-selected group of channels, at a lower price – could simplify the decision-making process, for viewers struggling with choice overload.

Quality, Over Quantity: A Focus on Value

Imagine: a curated streaming bundle, that focuses on a specific genre—like: documentaries, or independent films. This approach could appeal to viewers who know (exactly) what type of content they enjoy; and do not want to sift, through a vast library of options. Additionally; curated bundles could offer exclusive content – or, early access – to new releases; creating additional value, for subscribers.

The Power of Human Selection: A Curated Advantage

Unlike algorithm-driven recommendations... curated bundles offer a human touch. Knowing that a team of experts has selected the content (within a bundle) could provide viewers with a sense of trust, and confidence, in the quality of the programming. This could be particularly-appealing to viewers who are tired of wading through endless recommendations that may not always align with their tastes.

The Future of Streaming: A Multifaceted Landscape

The streaming landscape is likely to continue evolving; with a place for (both) curated bundles, and à la carte options. Curated bundles could offer a solution; to viewers who may be overwhelmed by choices, and may be seeking a more cost-effective way to access their favorite content. Ultimately; streaming services that cater to different viewing habits, and offer a balance – between: personalization, and curated selection – may be best positioned for success.

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