The Rise of the Amateurs: Will User-Generated Content Disrupt Streaming?

By: The BitMar Team.

Image Source: Bing Image Creator.

The streaming landscape is undergoing a transformation. Free, ad-supported, tiers (AVOD) are gaining traction; and user-generated content (UGC) is on the rise. This trend raises a question: will professionally produced shows decline, in dominance, on streaming platforms? ...paving the way for a new era of "user-generated entertainment"? While UGC offers a fresh perspective, and increased accessibility, it (also) raises questions; about production value, and audience expectations.

Beyond Hollywood: The Power of Free Streaming

A 2023 report – by: Tipping Point Research – highlights the surging popularity of AVOD platforms. Viewers are increasingly turning to free, ad-supported, options; alongside traditional subscriptions. This shift creates a space, for UGC creators to reach a wider audience; and (potentially) challenge the dominance of big-budget productions. The ability of publishing content, directly – on streaming platforms – empowers creators; and lowers barriers to entry.

From Niche, to Mainstream: The Rise of User-Generated Content

Platforms, like: YouTube, and TikTok, have shown the power of UGC. Engaging and high-quality content – created, by: everyday-people – is capturing the attention of viewers, worldwide. Streaming services could leverage this trend, by: incorporating UGC, into their offerings—potentially; through curated channels, and/or specific content categories. This approach could introduce fresh voices, and perspectives; catering to a wider range of viewer preferences.

Quality vs. Quantity: The Value Proposition

The rise of UGC presents a challenge, for streaming services: balancing quantity, with quality. While the ease of creating content, on streaming platforms, is a positive development... ensuring a baseline level of production value, will be crucial. Streaming services may need to develop tools, and resources; to help creators enhance their content, without stifling creativity.

The Future of Streaming: A Spectrum of Entertainment

The future of streaming is likely to be a blend of professionally-produced shows, and high-quality UGC. AVOD platforms, and the ease of content creation, will empower creators—and (potentially) lead to a more-varied, and accessible, entertainment landscape. Streaming services that can curate UGC, effectively – and maintain a focus, on quality – will be best positioned to thrive, in this evolving environment.

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